Phu Quoc beach photo

Phu Quoc

We just stayed a couple of days here – to end our Christmas and start our NYE at the beach.

  • Eat
    • Eat at the Crab house for of course.. their crab
    • Nhat lang at Long Beach had nice spring rolls and grilled squidΒ 
  • The rock corner beach bar – drinks and sunset viewsΒ 
    • Fee beach resort – seafood salad and sunset views. Edgar had pancakes and was no success.Β 
  • Stay: make sure to book in advance timely
    • We Stayed at “Nadine” – it was good
  • Do
    • There are cable rides from island to island – maybe something for next visitors to look into if they don’t wanna island-hop by boatΒ 
    • BookedΒ acarine also nice.Β Both have private beaches.
    • Other general Phu Quoc blogs
    • Beach guide
    • Have your leg hairs threaded at the beach.. it’s a real thing
  • Other restaurants that were recommended but we couldn’t go to
    • Mango Bay good restaurant and bungalows looked good, booked full.Β 

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