Da Nang beach

Da Nang

  • Hike
    • Son Tea Mountain 
  • See
    • Da nang Cathedral – it’s pink, nice for the gram
    • Cham Museum
    • Saturday/Sunday at 9PM Fire shrewing Dragon Bridge – the city’s resurgence  
    • Golden Bridge
    • Bana hills 
    • Marble mountains 
  • Beach 
    • Son Tra getaway from city – beach 
    • My Ke beach – prettiest beaches from Vietnam 
    • Non Nuoc – 20 min from da nang, white powdery sand and azure waters, surfings and skiing, seafood restaurants , close to marble mountains 
    • Cham islands – 1 hour boat ride away 
  • Eat
    • Coffee with Yoghurt at Cons Caphe, coconut coffee was good too. I went here twice.. I would go here everyday.
    • Trang kitchen frog noodle – bep tran mi quang ech – frog noodles and sausages wrapped in banana leaf. The bun xeo looked good but too much.
    • Banh xeo ba durong- very nice pancakes 
    • Coffee in the garden at trung Nguyen legend no1 coffee – nice and calm, away from the bustle in the city
    • Pork and salad rice paper wraps at Wuan Tran – it’s a lot for one person (I ate this by myself..), it’s better if you go with a crowd.
    • Go to all of these place (recommended by locals)

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