Surf at Rock Island Drone shot

Surfing in Siargao πŸ„πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

The most wonderful place to surf and chill, but this was mostly due to my dear friend Tu Nga (whom I also host NANA with) showing us all the great places around the island, including the local vibes and spots.

However, if you’d ask me for a list (and of course I HAVE A LIST), this would be it (for the more elaborate version, visit this Siargao Evernote link)


  • Go to Pacifico beach resort – for peaceful chilling
  • Lotus shores if you like yoga – their veggie omelette is Delishhhhh too. Chilling there is nice too  (Anja went there for the yoga, while I just sat there and read)
  • Surf: we mostly went to Stimpey’s but also visited Surf Rock, Pansukyan and Daku. The surf at Pansukyan, in the rain and alone was amaaaazing. Daku was good to me too as we had clear waves.. but this is by no means a certainty for the future.
  • Book a drone to shoot you while you’re catching your first waves – Tu Nga’s friend took our shots.. PM me if you want his deets (at the time of writing I couldn’t find his details online but I can pass his contact if you’re interested)
  • Befriend a local and go to a local fest where they live roast Lechon (pork roasted on fire) 
  • Go to Spider’s for surf lessons – I really liked Vincent to teach me. Had Ronel as well, he was a great guy too but I vibed more with Vincent (however.. this could’ve been my amateur way of surfing and the degree of waves I had with both guys on different days.. very subjective)
  • Do a scooter Island tour and go watch the infinite row of palm trees at the lookout point. End at Pacifico, it’s super silent and peaceful with high palm trees and infinite see to look out on.
  • There are a lot of surf shops but I especially liked Fat lips and the Green house while I was looking for nice rash guards and surf suits. Kermit is applauded too but I didn’t find anything to my liking there.. but def worth to check out.
  • Drinks at Siargao Blue at sunset – best views
  • White banana for drinks – nice laid back atmosphere and this hipster environment. I felt like a reborn yoga influencer after my visit.
  • If you like yoga: Kermit, White banana, Lotus shores and Buddha. My friends went to Lotus Shores the most – they also run a resort, superzen, has good healthy food and a chilled out place and an entire outside den for yoga classes.
  • An Island tour – there are a lot of organized tours, but we did one by ourselves and the price, in the end, was a bit cheaper. We did it because we didn’t want to get up at 6/7AM to join the group – we left at 12 PM, had most of the beaches to ourselves and enjoyed the flexibility of leaving and going when we pleased. We visited Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam. Make sure to buy some food before you leave at the local market – we bought fish and fresh fruits and they prepare it at Guyam.


  • Loose Keys for their amazing bowls – my favourite was General Luna. Def my #1 spot on the island for food, drinks and chill
  • Banana bread at the Green House – their food, in general, is really good (good for brunch go go go) but their banana bread is to die for
  • Breakfast and Sweet stuff at Lunares cafe 
  • Truffle pasta at Kalinaw
  • Super simple, cheap but good breakfast at Dawi’s – take the omelette with rice (if you like omelettes, go for the eggplant omelette at Siargao In)
  • Shaka for their bowls – convenient to go here after your surf at Jacking Horse
  • Buy the Mango Float from Kobe’s – it’s like tiramisu but then with mango.. gooooodies
  • Local breakfast at “the canteen” – superlocal place where they place food outside and you can pick and choose
  • Most visitors will go to Kermit, expect waits of 30 minutes at least (and they don’t take reservations). Don’t go for the pasta, just eat the pizza. The truffle pizza was by far the best. Truffle, in general, is (almost) never a miss.

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