Ceramics at Brekkie Organic CafΓ© in Bangkok

Bangkok vs/and Shanghai

I think Thai people in general are more laissez faire.. in a way more educated as well. I’ll probably gain some haters with what I’m saying here. But Thai in general seem to show better manners.. they read poetry from actual physical books in the metro (in my 2 years in Shanghai I cant recollect remembering anyone carrying a book with them. Or reading anything else than their WeChat feed or TaoBao delivery status for that matter..).

Thai people care, Chinese care in a different way. They live more in their own worlds, inward views, whereas Thai want to make sure they don’t disturb you. And will apologize hastily when they do so.

Chinese are more rough in that way. Perhaps also more authentic?

* this was a slight mind blur

**the photo has nothing to do with the content.. photo was taken atΒ Brekkie Organic CafΓ© in Bangkok, they've got the cutest ceramics and good brunch food. For more Bangkok food tips, visit this post here

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