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What is Safemoon’s Crypto price?

First of all: What is Safemoon Crypto?

Safemoon’s Instagram bio states “Auto generating liquidity protocol / Static farming by holding!” Que? It’s a new altcoin, launched in March 2021, runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is a DeFi community-driven protocol.

They’re building a wallet and exchange. I checked some comments, its founder John Karony (this guy’s only experience is being at the USA department of defence as an analyst.. and his location is “moon” πŸ˜‚) and checked their Twitter (1.3 million followers.. really?).

Is Safemoon a scam?

Scam-detector: 10/10. Why? Because I’ve seen dozens of these types of founders, websites and promises when I was working in crypto back in 2018. They won’t be able to keep their promise, they don’t have the technical experience, people and to be frank: from their website to social media to communications – it all signals “invest and lose your money”. Building an exchange or wallet is not that easy. They’re listed on a lot of exchanges, but none of them signal “trustworthiness” to me. Not a unique product. This Game of Thrones medley also threw me off – are we selling a project or are we watching Jon Snow’s attempt at murdering Danaerys? Everything shouts “RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN”.

But what is Safemoon’s Crypto Price?

If you are still looking for Safemoon’s price – Coinmarketcap states a Safemoon’s price at $0.000002262 as of today’s writing. A nice project for the day traders, but nothing interesting for HODLers and anyone interested in the real promise of crypto and the space. Too bad. And too bad that there are so many people searching for Safemoon’s crypto price and where to buy it.


I know this will probably come back and bite me in the arse, day traders ‘going to the moon’ and me just bishin about how the CEO and the project not being legit. Lesson 1 in crypto: the project or founder do not need to be legit in order for them (or you as an investor) to make money out of it.

The world is cray. I’m just observing.

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