Powerwoman coding inspo

I just stumbled upon this medium post by Preethi Kasireddy about leaving the best job in the world to start coding. Inspiring – I’ve tried to take on coding for a couple of times (actually just twice: 1. when I just graduated and started working at my first job 2. during my second job, I took some classes) and I can remember I went thru the same phases she describes, thinking “Who likes this stuff anyway” or “I’ll do it later on when I’m more settled in at work”.Β 

I think of all the possibilities that open up when you’re able to code, and how frustrated I sometimes in this world to have an idea but to rely on other people to build the product for you. How amazing it’d be you can 1) have a great idea – something that could change lives, or at least solve YOUR problems 2) be able to build that system yourself to solve this problem.

After those couple of times trying I thought by myself I’m just not carved out for it – coders and developers are different people than I am. That my personality and interests probably don’t match up, and in the end I should focus on what I’m really good at rather than focus on something I’d probably only be moderate at. This article made me think though that maybe I should give it another try – give it a real try. Try it out for a couple of weeks. Some all nighters. Try to build something real. Experience the feeling of having finished a product you built – and see if I see a challenge I want to take on.

Hmm.. of course this is MUCH easier said than done.. I’ll play with the idea :). Good Friday inspo tho.

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