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No sleep = 1 pound per week

Unlike most of the podcasts, Dr Mark Hyman records 10-minutes podcasts and videos with bite-sized content on health. In this episode, 3 doctors discuss how stress influences our behaviour and decision making. We all know it. But this serves as just another reminder πŸ”.

They discuss that being deprived of sleep will cause impulsive decision making, make you crave carbs and will get you to ingest 380 kcals more a day (=a pound a week).

The shortcut: if you are stressed/do not connect with nature/eat processed food/sleep too little, then you are preparing yourself for more inflammation, being dumb, fat and sick on the long term. And you’ll die earlier.

So sleep. Eat natural foods. And stress a little, but not too much.

Image credit: Sara Shakeel

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