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NFTs empowering women

Instead of researching crypto protocols, I’m gave NFTs a look today. And My Oh My:

Estelle is going for 5 ETH ($13,671.75) Love for 0.8 ETH ($2.187.48). I think they’re all pretty amazing. I might just be predisposed to female empowerment, whether we’re talking female business, actors and now NFT projects.

I wrote about NFTs back in February and was astonished how one Little Cryptopunk could amass $2 million dollars, today they’re selling for a mere $15.31 million dollars. Within the crypto world, money seems to have become monopoly money.

Take GossApeGirl (a wink to Gossip girl and Bored Ape Yacht Club), “A collection of 7000 unique GossApe Girl NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to represent inclusivity, equality and beauty to the NFT space.”

They overlaid female apes on the OG BAYC and are racking in an average of $800 per NFT. That’s a whole lot of vibes..

6 of the 7000 GossApeGirls

It amazes me to see this entire other world, yeah yeah yeah web 3.0, and it’s not just for the “nerds” (in a good way, I love nerds). Influencers whom you normally see doing makeup tutorials endorsing NFTs – I love it.

There are also projects like Moshi Mochi where I just think “Really?”

Their amount of owners and volume traded aren’t that far off from the GossApeGirl’s

It just shows that personal taste doesn’t account for much other than.. it being personal. I am excited how this is democratizing art, giving artists opportunities and driving the creative community. Driving community in general (yes I’m a big fan of communities.. online, offline, metaverse, web 3.0, when there’s a gathering, there’s me) and creativity (finally!) in a world where business, finance and hustle is overappreciated.

The future looks bright, or at least more colourful.

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