near protocol

Near protocol

A little birdie told me to look into Near Protocol, Coinmarketcap’s #24.

It’s a protocol to build business models on (NFTs, DAOs and DeFi) – this one focuses on being green. They use a technology called “nightshading”, which in short keeps the protocol faster and cheaper. It’s available on all the legit exchanges (Binance, Huobi Global,FTX and OKex).

A quick little Google search shows that crypto mining consumes about 110 Terawatt Hours of power per year, of 0.55% of the world’s energy production. Seems Near is onto something.

What’s interesting

Seriously though.. why do all NFTs look like their creators were on an intense shroom session?

NEAR token price prediction

Am I buying NEAR?

  • With an all time high at $20.36, its current price at $10.21 and it having raised $150 million in funding from Andreesen Horowitz as one of the partners – yes, why not.

I want to know more about Near

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