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I used Tony Robbin’s Goal setting framework to set my goals for this year. In essence

  • He tells you to take all limitations away and go all-in with scribbling down your goals in three buckets: Personal, Things and Finances.
  • Then he tells you to put a timeline to it (1,3,5,10 or 20 years) and pick out the ones that you can achieve within 1 year.
  • Then you need to give arguments why you want these.
  • At last, he gives you the “rocking chair” test: envision yourself to be 85 years old and what you’d think about (not) achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Since Tony said there we no limits at all, I went all out. I have a list of 69 goals right now.. ranging from mastering Chinese in its entirety to writing my own books to including having an own sauna in my house in the jungle (he mentioned to be specific).

Mainly though, 2020 will be the year where I try to attain the 1 goal that keeps on recurring on my every year list – right next to the item that “this year I will lose 10 KGs so I can fit all my clothes and feel good”:

It’s interesting to read it back because when I wrote this down I wasn’t aware of how Chinese the above sounded. The text is literally drenched with “making up for the suffering” our parents went thru to give their children a care-free future. It seems no matter how far you are distanced from the motherland of China, no matter of the western upbringing and education and no matter the number of open-minded independent Western friends you have, China still finds its ways to instil its values/morals/beliefs on its descendants.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or are looking for new career opportunities in the exotics of Heerlen – holler at your girl.

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