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Why I’m taking a podcast break and you should too

I’ve been hung up on podcasts the last couple of months. It took me a while to adopt them in my life but once I got to know the vast amount of “knowledge” and wisdom there is out there – for free – I was hooked.

I gave Naval’s podcast a listen and was a big fan from the get-go. The man is eloquent, has depth and, in contrast to most podcasters, gives you energy and inspiration through calm storytelling and giving you a glimpse of his thought process. Instead of the full-on ADHD attacks from most podcasters, Naval story tells “at peace” and transcends this to his listeners as well while simultaneously it’ll get you “fired up” and leave you inspired with food for thought. It’s refreshing.

So the more surprising it was that it was actually after listening to one of his episodes that made me decide to give the podcast world a break. I listened to a 3-hour-episode named “How To Get Rich” and while I went through all the feelings I described earlier, it also left me in the end with a feeling of anxiety and/or dissatisfaction with the status quo. I couldn’t really grasp why I was so jittery during the day.. so I did what every sane person does: YouTube search for some advice and insights. Only after I listened to Sadhguru’s lesson on “How to stop the mind’s chatter” I understood where my irritation and jitteriness was potentially coming from: I was identifying myself with something/someone that I am not (yet).

It is the simple social media #FOMO game but then through podcasts: while many experience this when they #instascroll through images of bloggers on the beach while sipping margaritas and posing in front of the camera, I experienced this through listening to podcasts and having identified myself with the podcasters – successful entrepreneurs, millionaires and business(wo)men.

So while I thought I was educating and inspiring myself.. I also subtly started to compare myself with the hosts. A habit I often question whether is good or “bad”. In this case, it was “bad” – it took away more peace of mind than that it could inspire me.

So, for now, I’m taking a podcast break and maybe a little nudge for you media consumers out there to self evaluate whether all the consuming is enriching your life or actually distracting you from a fit body, a calm mind and a house full of love.

Notes from Naval’s – Rich podcast that I have lined up in my reminder list

  • You can’t penny-pinch yourself to richdom – returns and household are not worth your time. Value your time as really expensive
  • Warren Buffet and the riches read history not investment books – you need good judgement. That’s not investment books
  • Find leverage either in coding or media: blogging, podcasting, writing and attract a following
  • If you can hire someone to do it for you than your hourly rate – hire them – you’re prioritizing that point instead of your own aspirations
  • Your hourly rate should be really big. Extra extra extra. Naval counts 5000 dollar
  • What you’re going to work on is the most important – product-market fit
  • Always raise your bar – when it comes to working with people (PayPal mafia) highest integrity, energy and intelligent people to work with
  • If you have your inspiration: just do it there and then because it’s perishable
  • Impatience with actions, patience with results
  • A busy calendar and busy mind will destroy you in this world
  • The masses are never right
  • Just keep on doing what you like and are good at: don’t keep track and don’t keep count. It’s going to take very long
  • The best founders will read and listen to everything and then ignore all of it
  • A fit body, calm mind/peace of mind and love in a household are most important (Jeff Bezos doesn’t have this)
  • Productize yourself
  • Am I scaling it/myself with Labor, capital, media or code?

Podcast recommendations (for when you’re done with taking a break from them πŸ™ƒ)

My sister and friends can look at my podcast list and fall asleep halfway going through it. But if you’re interested, these are the ones I enjoy content from:

  1. GaryVee I wrote about him earlier and how I not like his communication style but boiling down to content, the man will get fire up in your *ss with his endless energy and business insights
  2. MFM (I won’t type the name all out because I think it sounds a bit douchy and it’ll scare you away) they discuss new ideas, new ventures and insights into the business world that make you WTF. Loved their episode with Greg Isenberg where they just riffed away on ideas, I actually had a dream about productized services after their recommendation of following a fellow Dutchie and joined their Facebook group with some smart AF people
  3. Jay Shetty – I was an avid listener in the beginning but now I just flick through episodes, it can be a hit or miss. This episode with Dr. Joe Dispenza made me repeat listen for 5 times and write about.
  4. and a sprinkle of Unf*ck Your Brain (this chicken lady has the most annoying voice of all times and it seems she has not entirely worked out her own issues, bΓΊt her content opens your eyes on many aspects in life, for instance about How Confusion is a Lie)

Actually.. while reflecting on my daily listens I see I have a knack for listening to “annoying” people, somehow annoying people are the people who start podcasts and can get a great audience hooked (?).

Illustration by Christopher Monro

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