parade cami tellez

Who needs college when you have underwear?

I’m still infatuated with #bossbishes #underdogs and #founderstories.

This week I present to you:Β Cami TellezΒ fromΒ Parade. Dropped out of college when she was 18, now running an underwear brand promoting inclusivity, body positivity and sustainability at its core.
Struggles with a chronic illness. Comes from an immigrant background and realizedΒ that she (and we) live in a country whereΒ failure isn’t looked down upon.

Boss level: 8/10Β for making “I sell underwear” sound cooooool AF, and for knowing what she wanted at 18 already

Def visit Parade’s site, it’s wonderfulΒ /Β Read the interviewΒ /Β Parade’s IG


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