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Focus on yourself & dream big

Had you shown me this video 10 years ago, I would’ve waved it away thinking “I don’t need this yogi BS”. Let’s assume wisdom comes with age or YouTube’s targeting has become smarter (probably the latter..) but Sadguru is explaining suffering, pain and join in ways that are simple and compelling.

Had some fun listening Sadguru ramble about pleasantness, joy and how we view success and how we create our own suffering.

Made some notes further down this page if you don’t have time to listen for 50 minutes.

You need to realize that your outside will never happen 100% the way you want.

100% never happens.

If everything happens my way 100%, where do you go then? The world doesn’t need to happen 100% your way.

You as a person should happen 100% the way you want to be.

What you want for yourself is the highest level of pleasantness:

  • pleasantness in your body = health
    • if this becomes very pleasant = pleasure
  • if your mind is pleasant = peace
    • if this is very pleasant = joy
  • if your emotions are pleasant = laugh
    • if this is very pleasant = compassion
  • if life is very pleasant = bliss
    • if this is very pleasant = ecstacy
  • if your surroundings are pleasant = success

This is all you want in your life. Success is the only thing that is outside pleasantness determined by many forces that are not only dependent on you.

Human beings are frustrated and depressed because of things that happen around them, not inside them.

For inner pleasantness, you don’t need anyone’s cooperation, only yourself.

If you let this happen, you’ll enlarge your dreams in such a certain way you won’t be able to achieve them.

The fear of suffering let people dream small, live small and think small.

If you have an assurance “this is how I will be”, then you will dream very big.

If you have a really big dream it’ll always be a failure and that is wonderful.

Stomach empty = 1 problem. Stomach full = many problems.

* photo by Yun Chen // Salsa’s Day

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