The Queen's Gambit beth harmon

100% Inspired

Opposed to the normal #businessbossbish Iโ€™d be inspired by. This week I was enthralled by Beth Harmon, the chess prodigy orphan from The Queenโ€™s Gambit.

In this Netflix binger, Beth Harmon becomes theย queen of chess, smashing it against herย male opponents. All the while having tranquillizers and alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner (I just noticed the little pill and alcohol bottles on the chessboard).

Watch it,ย because itโ€™s fascinating and inspiring to see herย struggleย and stillย excelย at what she does.

Watch it,ย because itโ€™s a perfect portrayal of social media: on the outside, all might look glitz & glam, but the viewer is not a witness to the mess on the back-end.

Watch it,ย because while the above is all nice and all, Beth is a hardcore boss bitch and she will make you want to be asย intelligentย as her.

And while Beth is a beautiful woman in the show,ย it all revolves around her brains,ย not so much her looks.

When I have kids, they will watch the Queenโ€™s gambit on replay. And the only toys they will have are chessboards (yes multiple).

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