Scott Galloway - the arc of happiness - happiness and the gorilla

Happiness and the Gorilla

Click here fore a nice piece from Scott Galloway about happiness and some learnings he had in life.Β 

  • The Arc of Happiness – the illustration says it all
  • Work, Partner friends and Passion, values and money –Β  I start to see how this is becoming a more crucial part in life and long term happiness
  • Compound interest – I finally started to realize that doing a little bit every day is more sustainable and more rewarding than trying to do a LOT in a little bit of time, and most likely quit before the alotted time
  • The part about equity=wealth, explaining also that even if you make a lot, you’ll probably spend it to the same extent. Therefore earning a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rich. You burn.Β I’ve noticed I’m burning way way more than 10 years ago, whereas back in those times I probably earned less than 50% of what I earn now but definitely saved more money than I’m doing right now. The maths here don’t add up..
  • A Good death.. this particularly spoke to me cause of my experience with grandfather ShanΒ and where I was lucky enough to have come to China a year earlier to be with him.
  • Success = resilence/failure.. I only hope that this will come true. Or is true. So it’s a good motivation to keep on trying, and failing, and hopefully eventually landing at success.


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