gary vanerchuck nobody gives a fuck

Gary Vaynerchuck on personal branding, content and Asian opportunities

I’m not a big fan of Gary, I feel he has a big ego and sometimes just states things to state things. But I listened to this podcast and I quite liked it – his point of view on the Asian market makes sense (to a certain extent, costs on the channels he mentions are low because those channels are not the main channels used in those countries, but he still makes a point). And I like the part where he tells people to start getting of their asses and start doing things, knowing and preaching the right way is one thing, but actually acting upon it and really going through the grind (is this actually a correct sentence?) is another.

He talks about this hindsight view whereΒ “You’re gonna be double depressed in 7 years while opportunities weren’t as big as they were right now”Β and that actually is true. There are so many opportunities, especially in Asia, the market is booming, costs are relatively low and our generation is spoiled – making them lazy, and therefore stand-still in whatever they’re doing/aspiring.

Another reality slap in the face. And a reminder to myself that although I think “people are douche bags”, you can still learn from them.


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