Moonwalking with Einstein

Moonwalking and memorizing names instead of the snack corner

Moonwalking with Einstein – Joshua Foer

Am I the only one who introduces herself to 20 people at an event and afterwards will recall only one thing: the location of the snacks? 

ThΓ‘t plus not being able to recall faces is bad. It’s really bad. Edgar still makes fun of the fact I have introduced myself 3 times to the same friend of his over a period of 6 months. 

In an effort to train my brain I’m listening toΒ Moonwalking with Einstein.Β It was onΒ Bill Gates’Β Summer 2020 reading listΒ and promisesΒ you the strategies of the best memorizers in the world.

It actually has some useful tactics: e.g. where you build a “memory place” which should be aΒ place you knowΒ (like your parental home) and then put allΒ the things you want to remember in each of the roomsΒ withΒ as much creativityΒ as you canΒ (e.g. MexicanΒ avocado’s bringing me a serenade at the front door, 6 bottles of wine on the couch discussing who is the real Pinot Noir and a salmon having tea at the dining table in my sushi-grocery-list-case).

You can buy the physical book on Amazon or listen on 1.5-2x the speed to the Audible version of Moonwalking with Einstein here.

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