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Amp Crypto, Vitalik’s girlfriend and my sapiosexuality playing up

Amp token: a digital collateral token to enable immediate settlement of payment transactions. I read that in practice the New York-based Fintech company creates barcodes for retailers (a ‘flexcode’) that retailers can scan and be paid through (ok, I’m not mad). It’s supposedly faster than most of the payment networks. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain (I think Vitalik isn’t mad either)(by the way, the #3 most searched query with 3900 searches per month is for “Vitalik Buterin Girlfriend”.. what do I need to imagine here?)(ok sorry drifting away here).

Is Amp crypto legit?

The first thing that pops up when I see Amp Crypto’s website is “I see Sol (from Solana, not now anymore though but the vibe much alike Solana’s pitch deck’s)”. Its website definitely looks more legit than Safemoon’s Crypto’s πŸ˜‚.

Amp Token mentions “friend & collaborators” and some authoritative and trustworthy names in the industry (like Coinbase and Gemini.. then Bittrex and Poloniex and Goingecko are on there as well and although I don’t see the latter two as “super safe”, they hΓ‘ve been around in the industry for more than 3 years, signalling sΓ³me credibility). They’re listed on Coinbase — I feel with Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong’s latest $133 million home acquisition and him probably not trying to risk his reputation/brand/business, I make the verdict that Amp Crypto is at least generally legitimized. Their medium seems to showcase some genuine tech updates, however, Amp Crypto’s latest update was more than half a year ago, but I can appreciate their writers have some sense of capturing the viewer’s attention and instead of inserting some kind of doomsday music (as Safemoon Crypto did .. still SMH), they use Keanu and Sandra to showcase there’s a “need for speed”.

Nobody I follow follows AMP token on Twitter – but that just means that the generalists and a handful of crypto enthusiasts don’t follow them.

Amp Crypto’s Founder: Tyler Spalding

Alright – the most interesting part (for me at least), Amp crypto’s founders: Tyler Spalding is a former software engineer (ok), entrepreneur (hmm.. ooookaaaay), technologist (we’re just throwing in words now), blockchain investor (my mom is as well), speaker (yawns in crypto) and co-founder and CEO of Flexa.

He also writes in the 3rd persona on his LinkedIn.

Here is where my sapiosexual senses come in: “He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, has 2 Masters degrees in Business Administration (From Harvard AND MIT! My Chinese aunties heart just started beating a couple of BPMs faster. It still does not justify his third persona writing on LinkedIn tho) and Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering” (OK OK, tell me more?!). Spalding worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, joined the NASA constellation program and spent 3 years on the Space Shuttle Program and has founded and sold 3 software companies (ok that latter part was a comedown again, I had a customer at my parent’s Chinese restaurant who “sold his software company” but was still eating all-you-can-eat-sushi at a Chinese restaurant on a weekly basis..). Here’s a video interview of Tyler Spalding on Flexa (Flexa is the app, AMP token is the token that belongs to the Flex system) – channelling my shallow first impression: I am not 100% convinced on his integrity.

But Flexa has been rolled out to 41,000 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada to facilitate digital payments, so AMP token hΓ‘s distribution.

Amp crypto price prediction. Are we buying?

The AMP crypto price prediction is forecasted to reach $0.075 in the first half of 2022 (at the time of writing AMP crypto price is $0.04433) and reach a maximum level of $0.088 (!) with an average price of $0.078 throughout 2022. The coin started at $0.0095, its all-time high was at $0.1211.

Definitely legit. Will I invest? I might (just read he’s a Harvard and MIT graduate) think I will.

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