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  • pink tax on fmcg good

    Being charged 15% more because you’re a woman

    Do you know Billie? This female funded startup found in 2017 with the goal of fighting the “pink tax” (paying a surplus because the product is marketed to women) including razors and personal care products (for razors the pink tax boils down to 10-15% vs male razors. Yes, wtf? 🤯). If this motivated you to start your own female…

  • What is BitClout?

    BitClout: you can buy Elon Musk and Beyoncé now

    Bitclout seems all the rage right now. Simply explained, it’s being able to invest in people – at this moment based on their Twitter ranking (aka “reputation”). Bitclout is the stock market for people – everyone has a “price” or coin and others can buy your stock because they believe in you, your potential and…

  • sara shakeel art chinese consumer

    Takeaways from McKinsey’s report on China

    This McKinsey report “Understanding Chinese Consumers: The growth engine of the world” has been pinned to my desktop for the entire week. It’s 148 pages. Here are some key takeaways. Digitization: B2C (and B2B) brands should go digital. Now. Start at page 119, where it becomes really interesting for ya digital workers. Mainland brands: China is decoupling from the…

  • parade cami tellez

    Who needs college when you have underwear?

    I’m still infatuated with #bossbishes #underdogs and #founderstories. This week I present to you: Cami Tellez from Parade. Dropped out of college when she was 18, now running an underwear brand promoting inclusivity, body positivity and sustainability at its core. Struggles with a chronic illness. Comes from an immigrant background and realized that she (and we) live in a…

  • recession proof pet industry trends newsletter entrepreneurship business

    Recession proof pet industry

    This goes out to my Edens, Valeskas, Sophies and Anjas – either in / interested in / have a newfound hobby in pets. Or business and ideas in general. Nothing new – but another confirmation that you might just need to jump at because you guys have an advantage versus the rest of the crowd.…

  • Tatcha modern day geisha

    Underdog boss ladies, part II: Vicky Tsai / Tatcha

    I don’t know cosmetics, I have no patience researching it. I just follow what Janet/Naomi slap on their face and then I copy it. I never heard about Tatcha, but learnt that their products are inspired by what Geisha’s use in their skincare routine and Kim K and Princess/Duchess/Rachel Zane/ Meghan Markle are fans. Tatcha was built by Taiwanese Vicky Tsai and…

  • beyoncé

    I boss, you boss, we boss

    I’ve been listening to “How I built this” that gives insights, anecdotes and founder stories. Everyone knows the Uber, Airbnb and Toms but although they’re definitely aspirational, it just hits closer to home when I hear a woman talk about building out her passion and grinding her way thru success. So this week I present to…

  • I love excel

    Lists: to follow/to healthy/to invest/to music

    I love lists. I love VLOOKUP. I love rating (I have a rating list of e-ve-ry-thing). I love stationery. I think it’s an Asian Girl thing. Or maybe it’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️. But here are some lists I think that might be useful/fun for you too: To IG follow For some genuine + positive+energy For female entrepreneurial inspo To…

  • christopher monro break illustration

    Why I’m taking a podcast break and you should too

    Podcasts the new Instagram.

  • The 5 AM club carlallanosillustrations

    The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

    Don’t read the 5 AM club – Just Do It Yourself.