Bangkok Sit & Wonder

Thai-ng the knot in Koh Samui, and eating my way through Bangkok

We spent a short day in Bangkok and 3 days in Koh Samui for Chelsea’s and Roland’s wedding. Fire shows, firework, an elephant, a traditional Thai dance show, an amazing sunset, drinks and all the mango sticky rice in the world were the main ingredients for the pair’s spectacle. Wow, just wow 😮😮😮.

We didn’t have a lot of time to wander around in Koh Samui, but here are some Bangkok tips (as we visited for the 3rd time now and think we know a little bit our way around there). They’re actually all in the same area (in the same street to be more specific) – probably because my bestie Sab loves it around there but it’s genuinely a nice neighbourhood and with good food stalls. And it definitely will give you a bit more breathing room after you’ve visited all the Bangkok highlights with all the pushy Chinese (I can say that cause I’m Chinese myself).


  • Thai Food at Sit and Wonder: Thai Food at a supercute place, would definitely recommend it. We’ve been there twice – lunch and dinner and both times were good. Especially a good starter for if you don’t want to immerse yourself into the Thai street scene food yet. It’s visited by foreigners – but not in a bad touristy-i-wanna-get-out-of-here-way. I liked the dish with the eggs and fried vegetables. This sounds so vague, but check my pictures.
  • More Thai Food Soul Food: very close to Sit and Wonder, we tried to get a place the first time we were here but it was unfortunately booked full. Reserved the second time we came and the food was worth it – just smaller portions than what I’m used to. So you might want to order a little bit more. The food is good – Thai, but locally sourced and with a high consciousness factor. Go.
  • Thai Street Food at Soi 38: this is the real street food deal, but it looks so much more hygienic than what you’d get in China. Prices are good too (we went here after Soul Food and realised we could’ve eaten for double the amount here, no regrets – just realizations).
  • More Thai food at Supanigga eating room: their name is kinda weird. or really weird. but they make it up with the food they serve: good portions (read: Simona portions), nice flavours and friendly personnel. Loved the fish in banana leaves.
  • Healthy hipster Acai-Bowls-Peanut-butter-Pancakes-breakfast at Brekkie: if you don’t feel like your regular Pad Thai and Curry for breakfast, go to Brekkie to calm your nerves. I wasn’t sick of eating Thai in the mornings so took the Fried Quinoa Tom Yum w Diced salmon (don’t judge me puh-lea-se) and it tasted really good and healthy-ish. No actually, just really healthy – so I took a couple bites of Edgar’s banana-peanutbutter-granola bowl and it was heaaaaaven too. Just to compensate the healthiness.
  • Mango sticky rice at  Mae Varee: I got this tip from a Thai, so it’s legit. Go here for the most legit mango stick rice. They’ve got an entire shop dedicated to everything related to mango’s and sweet sticky rice. Don’t leave Thailand before you’ve had a MANGO STICKY RICE or I’ll hunt you down.
  • Drinks at 72 Courtyard: hipster courtyard where all the beautiful and hip Thais go for their drinks and get togethers. I’d just like to sit and look around. You won’t be bored.
  • Coffee at Forever Hungry: Super-hello-kitty-hipster-cute coffee place next to the BTS. I had a last meet up with Valeska, wiping away a tear or two but the coffee helped us get over it.
  • Sleep at the Jasmine Resort Bangkok: we booked a second time because we were super satisfied (read: good breakfast with Thai, Japanese, Chinese and European choices, an outdoor infinity pool, indoor pool, spa and comfy rooms) the first time, but we really regretted not getting “home” earlier to our hotel the last time because we got a room that had a bath room the size of my current Shanghainese flat. It included a Jacuzzi for two, shower (wouldn’t know why you’d need that when there’s a Dinosauresque Jacuzzi in the room but perhaps there are people with Jacuzzi-phobias, whatever), a living, a kitchen, a humungous bed and SUPER HIGH ceilings. I sound like a freak, but high ceilings turn me on.

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