On the hunt for introverts

To be honest: I’ve been raised Asian as F and this racism thing is a “far from my bed show” (that’s a Dutch saying). Chinese parents see everything “Chinese” as “in” and “everything outside China” as “out“.

However, I realize that things don’t need to keep on going the ways they have gone. And I also know I don’t want my kids to grow up to be as oblivious as I am + I don’t want them to grow up in a society that kills kids for dumb shit.They shot up Elijah McClain with so much ketamine his heart stopped working. And now he’s dead: cause he was black and wore a mask while getting an ice tea. 
I have not been very aware of racism. But then I also have to say I’m not aware of a lot of things, most of the time I’m just oblivious. So there are 5 things for all the oblivious people out there.
 1. Read/Listen to “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race” (I got the audible version, hit me up if you want to listen for free). It’s not only about black people – it’s about Asians and other ethnicities too.

2. Donate. To be honest: I haven’t even done this yet (it’s somewhere on my to-do list). I see the immediate effect of Starbucks Coffee/Red Wine/A new handbag but cannot see where my money goes when I donate. So I’ll make it easier for both of us: Tikkie / PayPal / WeChat me some money,  I will do the research and donate on behalf of us and report back to you. 

3. Trump your parents: Login to your dad’s Facebook/wechat account. Unfollow all of the BS accounts (Trump, Kim Yong Un and Putin – what the actual fuck Papa Xu!?!) and follow BlackLivesMatter, Barack Obama and Ai Wei Wei.. and maybe some Liziqi).

4. Visit Evan’s site that is literally called whatcanidotohelp.com for more inspo.

5. If you’re still here and reading this I applaud you. Go to NANA and like + repost Breonna and follow NANA too (that’s yours truly + Tu Nga riffing on inspiring girls).

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