I love excel

Lists: to follow/to healthy/to invest/to music

I love lists. I love VLOOKUP. I love rating (I have a rating list of e-ve-ry-thing). I love stationery. I think it’s an Asian Girl thing. Or maybe it’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️. But here are some lists I think that might be useful/fun for you too:

To IG follow

  1. For some genuine + positive+energy
  2. For female entrepreneurial inspo

To music

  1. Eden’s Greg & Happy mixing mandarin & English with some goodies beats NTS NTS NTS
  2. Riding the Asian/Western train – my eternal girl crush mixing Asian/Western beats

To healthy (this isn’t a verb, but it should be)

  1. Get an HPV test!!! And then tell your sister/cousin/neighbour to do it too
  2. Train lucid dreaming to enhance skill acquisition and reactive forgotten languages 

To invest

  1. Vanguard S&P 500 ETF. Tony & Warren, Reddit and Rachel made me do it. Just dabble around a bit – see what works for you. I use DeGiro to invest.
  2. Maybe some Disney. I bought it a month ago for $110 and it’s at $130 at the moment of writing. These are all Disney’s subsidiaries.

I knów you guys are not stupid. And also that I am not. We both understand I am not accountable for any financial losses – but if you make massive gains: please buy me a villa.

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