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Jack Ma’s inspiration on becoming a billionaire..

It might be me. It might be China. It might be me being stuck inย Alibaba’s web here in Shanghai, but I just watched this video withย Jack Ma. I found it so inspiring, I even made notes haha.. it’s not necessarily about becoming a billionaire (in my humble opinion) but pushing kids to fail, and fail and fail and have some grit and push thru.

Ok, here are my notes that kind of summarizes the gist and the things that inspired me.

“You are young

You shouldn’t complain

You need to solve otherโ€™s problems

Use your own brain to think


You need to think: Is that true? Is there an opportunity inside?

Young people have fantastic ideas in the evening, but in the mornings they go to the office again


Either work for others, or work for yourself

Working for yourself, means working for the society

Only when theyโ€™re happy, youโ€™ll be successful and youโ€™ll be happy


Itโ€™s all about Mobile, Data and Innovation

Next 20 years, at least 20 billion people will do online shopping

Thatโ€™s an opportunity

Empower small businesses and make them grow strong

Unique value of internet


Use IT technology for whatever youโ€™re doing

Start a restaurant? Use IT

Start a barber shop? Use IT

Thereโ€™s opportunity everywhere


Any mistake you make right now is wonderful revenue for you

Be a good student, learn something, Follow someone

25 years: Go to a small company, learn the passion, learn the dreams and learn a lot of things at the same, fall and get up. At big companies you learn processes, go to a small company.

Before 30: choose which boss to follow.

From 30-40 this is the time you work for yourself

40-50 do everything you are good at, donโ€™t go explore new things

50-60 work for the young people, they can do better than you. Rely on them, invest in them

over 60: spend time for yourself


the secret sauce: raise money when you have money

prepare for the winters

repair the roof while the sun is shining, when itโ€™s raining donโ€™t move


forget MBAs, ย donโ€™t think like those structured guy use your instinct. Everything you do, is for the consumer.

Money follows people, people follow dreams, dreams follow executions. Go out and make mistakes.

Jack is going to write a book – Alibabaโ€™s 1001 mistakes.

ย Go out and make mistakes.

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Patrick Kohreply
October 4, 2018 at 1:13 pm

Jack Ma is a remarkable man. When I heard his terrible problems when young and then his personal problems, i am impressed he is who he is. And he is Chinese. An under privileged who went against the currents and stuck to something he believed, the small nobody companies. And he truly cares about the young, and so straight talking, he doesnt care about conventions, just say what he believes in.

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