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Relaxation in a digital age

I don’t know what’s happening in the world today. I was introduced to ASMR last year by the 15 y.o. crew and next to feeling old, I have been seeing this pop up more and more over the past months. 

I should make this a “What the F” corner, because bro, seriously: What the actual F? The above video is what you see: an Indian barber shaving someone’s head. And it has amassed over more than 2 million views. For some reason it’s relaxing and meditative, something everyone is in need of these days. 

ASMR Saloon & Massage isn’t the only international ASMR star; there are several other OG OG accounts:

Chengdu based Li Zi Qi just lives a plain life in the Chinese outskirts, cooking up some OG Shichuan food traditional style (in an old school Chinese kitchen) and taking care of her grandparents, while being filmed in HD quality doing all of it. The Chinese epitome of a grande life. She doesn’t speak in the videos, once you start you don’t know why you are watching but you just keep on doing it.

This is the testosterone-filled American male version of Li Zi Qi – Diego builds huts in the wild forests with his bare hands. And of course: he also does not speak in his videos either.

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Back to the marbles…😅 _ #kawaerake

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The last example is of Yuki Kawae who is an art maker and brings you “Zen” right through your phone with delicate, precise and the simple “art” of playing/making art with sand.

That was it. I just had to share this because my mind is blown. Maybe the lesson here is just: do whatever you want and have it recorded beautifully on video and there’ll always be an audience who is willing to watch and enjoy (so you can reap the benefits of monetizing your video channel and live a happy and peaceful life in the wild while not talking to anyone).

Now I think of it, Tu Nga you should totally Li Zi Qi building your Villa in Siargao.

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