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  • HiSimona-Equanimity

    Vipassana: a workout for the mind

    It’s two months later and I have finally decided to share my well promised (and promoted) Vipassana post. I don’t know if it was Vipassana, the fact that I was leaving Bangkok/Shanghai/Asia…

  • Surf at Rock Island Drone shot

    Surfing in Siargao 🏄🏻‍♀️

    The most wonderful place to surf and chill, but this was mostly due to my dear friend Tu Nga (whom I also host NANA with) showing us all the great places around…

  • Wonderfruit 2018 Pattaya

    Bangkok, the Simona way

    Excuse the simplicity and ugliness, but this is THE list to check off when you’re in Bangkok and in dire need of a shortlist of restaurants and must do’s. To be honest…

  • Ceramics at Brekkie Organic Café in Bangkok

    Bangkok vs/and Shanghai

    I think Thai people in general are more laissez faire.. in a way more educated as well. I’ll probably gain some haters with what I’m saying here. But Thai in general seem…

  • Grandfather Shan

    Grandfather Shan – A Chinese goodbye

    I’ve been having this post on my reminder list over half a year now. Been doubting whether I should write/post about it or not. On the one hand it’s such a personal…



  • HiSimona Chengdu Pandas

    Chengdu Panda behavior

    To Celebrate our May holidays we traveled with a group of six to Chengdu to behold the pandas and stuff our faces with spicy food. We stayed for a long weekend, took…

  • Hong Kong Craze and a half marathon

    We spent a couple of days in Hong Kong last weekend. It was my birthday gift to Edgar: food, travel and the Hong Kong half marathon. The funny thing is that Edgar…

  • Bangkok Sit & Wonder

    Thai-ng the knot in Koh Samui, and eating my way through Bangkok

    We spent a short day in Bangkok and 3 days in Koh Samui for Chelsea’s and Roland’s wedding. Fire shows, firework, an elephant, a traditional Thai dance show, an amazing sunset, drinks…

  • Japese Ramen

    Tokyo, the city I fell in love with

    Tokyo was amazing. Tokyo is amazing I have to say. There are a lot of to do lists, and enough to be found on the internet but below a couple of the…