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  • NANAnation

    Girls doing the F they want

    I met Sammy Jo at Muay Thai camp and was intrigued. Read here why exactly: #NANAgirls



    My friend Tu Nga and I started a site because we think everyone is inspiring. And we wanted to tell everyone’s story. When we’re ready we’ll give you a heads up. This…

  • Scott Galloway - the arc of happiness - happiness and the gorilla

    Happiness and the Gorilla

    Click here fore a nice piece from Scott Galloway about happiness and some learnings he had in life.  The Arc of Happiness – the illustration says it all Work, Partner friends and…

  • phases

    Powerwoman coding inspo

    I just stumbled upon this medium post by Preethi Kasireddy about leaving the best job in the world to start coding. Inspiring – I’ve tried to take on coding for a couple…

  • happy meal

    Happiness and FOMO

    An eye opener from Dan Gilbert talking about synthetic happiness. I see the cause of that eternal FOMO we have right here. That irreversible choice is better than reversible choice, that if…

  • enjoy life eat cake

    Life advice from Holly Butcher

    Holly, I don’t know you, but your message to the world is a vey precious one, and one to be reminded and read from time to time – actually, from day to…

  • Tricking your head to follow your heart | Purin Phanichphant | TEDxBangkok

    The tricks we need to play..

    to follow our heart..  maybe not necessarily tricks, but rather “listening to that little voice”. Because that little voice will always have centre of truth. Inspiring again, and motivating in a way…

  • Shonda Rhimes

    The fuel that feeds your hum

    An inspiring talk from Shonda talking about her “hum”. This talk is dedicated to how she found happiness in letting go and finding joy in other things than only work. How she…

  • Milk & Honey - Rupi Kaur

    Balance and being grateful

    Milk & Honey - Rupi Kaur
  • Emily Weiss Glossier

    Glossier – ready to be a girl boss.

    I haven’t even read the entire article, but midway I realized I’m ready to take on something myself as well. What it exactly is or means I need to come back on.…