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  • The Queen's Gambit beth harmon

    100% Inspired

    Opposed to the normal #businessbossbish I’d be inspired by. This week I was enthralled by Beth Harmon, the chess prodigy orphan from The Queen’s Gambit. In this Netflix binger, Beth Harmon becomes the queen of chess, smashing it against her male opponents. All the while having tranquillizers and alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner (I just noticed the…

  • parade cami tellez

    Who needs college when you have underwear?

    I’m still infatuated with #bossbishes #underdogs and #founderstories. This week I present to you: Cami Tellez from Parade. Dropped out of college when she was 18, now running an underwear brand promoting inclusivity, body positivity and sustainability at its core. Struggles with a chronic illness. Comes from an immigrant background and realized that she (and we) live in a…

  • recession proof pet industry trends newsletter entrepreneurship business

    Recession proof pet industry

    This goes out to my Edens, Valeskas, Sophies and Anjas – either in / interested in / have a newfound hobby in pets. Or business and ideas in general. Nothing new – but another confirmation that you might just need to jump at because you guys have an advantage versus the rest of the crowd.…

  • RBG ruth bader ginsburg

    Better “Bitch” than “Mouse” – RIP RBG

    IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING to only discover about RBG’s existence since this weekend.. yes I just crawled from under a rock, don’t judge 🙅🏻‍♀️. If you’re with me and didn’t know about her – here’s a quick summary of why we should’ve known about Ruth Bader Ginsburg already. Ruth was one of nine women in a Harvard class of 500+ men,…

  • Tatcha modern day geisha

    Underdog boss ladies, part II: Vicky Tsai / Tatcha

    I don’t know cosmetics, I have no patience researching it. I just follow what Janet/Naomi slap on their face and then I copy it. I never heard about Tatcha, but learnt that their products are inspired by what Geisha’s use in their skincare routine and Kim K and Princess/Duchess/Rachel Zane/ Meghan Markle are fans. Tatcha was built by Taiwanese Vicky Tsai and…

  • Procrastination is self sabotage in slow motion

    Procrastination is self-sabotage in slow motion

    To follow: this IG account with simple designs that illustrate everyday wisdom. I saw on Steven’s IG he replaced procrastination for overthinking. Hits home too.

  • beyoncé

    I boss, you boss, we boss

    I’ve been listening to “How I built this” that gives insights, anecdotes and founder stories. Everyone knows the Uber, Airbnb and Toms but although they’re definitely aspirational, it just hits closer to home when I hear a woman talk about building out her passion and grinding her way thru success. So this week I present to…

  • I love excel

    Lists: to follow/to healthy/to invest/to music

    I love lists. I love VLOOKUP. I love rating (I have a rating list of e-ve-ry-thing). I love stationery. I think it’s an Asian Girl thing. Or maybe it’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️. But here are some lists I think that might be useful/fun for you too: To IG follow For some genuine + positive+energy For female entrepreneurial inspo To…

  • Kicki Yang Zhang little german dumpling inspiring girls creative illustration NANA

    #Girlcrush Monday

    Last week we wrote a little piece on Kicki Yang and how she inspires to not just talk, but definitely do and put yourself out there to chase ones dreams. Read more on NANA

  • Yuki Kawae sand artmaker

    Relaxation in a digital age

    I don’t know what’s happening in the world today. I was introduced to ASMR last year by the 15 y.o. crew and next to feeling old, I have been seeing this pop up more and more over the past months.  I should make this a “What the F” corner, because bro, seriously: What the actual F? The above video is…