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  • Kicki Yang Zhang little german dumpling inspiring girls creative illustration NANA

    #Girlcrush Monday

    Last week we wrote a little piece on Kicki Yang and how she inspires to not just talk, but definitely do and put yourself out there to chase ones dreams. Read more on NANA

  • salsad day dream

    Focus on yourself & dream big

    Had you shown me this video 10 years ago, I would’ve waved it away thinking “I don’t need this yogi BS”. Let’s assume wisdom comes with age or YouTube’s targeting has become smarter (probably the latter..) but Sadguru is explaining suffering, pain and join in ways that are simple and compelling. Had some fun listening…

  • papa mama xu


    I used Tony Robbin’s Goal setting framework to set my goals for this year. In essence He tells you to take all limitations away and go all-in with scribbling down your goals in three buckets: Personal, Things and Finances. Then he tells you to put a timeline to it (1,3,5,10 or 20 years) and pick…