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  • RBG ruth bader ginsburg

    Better “Bitch” than “Mouse” – RIP RBG

    IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING to only discover about RBG’s existence since this weekend.. yes I just crawled from under a rock, don’t judge 🙅🏻‍♀️. If you’re with me and didn’t know about her – here’s a quick summary of why we should’ve known about Ruth Bader Ginsburg already. Ruth was one of nine women in a Harvard class of 500+ men,…

  • Tatcha modern day geisha

    Underdog boss ladies, part II: Vicky Tsai / Tatcha

    I don’t know cosmetics, I have no patience researching it. I just follow what Janet/Naomi slap on their face and then I copy it. I never heard about Tatcha, but learnt that their products are inspired by what Geisha’s use in their skincare routine and Kim K and Princess/Duchess/Rachel Zane/ Meghan Markle are fans. Tatcha was built by Taiwanese Vicky Tsai and…

  • one more minute please aljahorvat

    Dr Mark Hyman: Sleep deprivation = 1 pound increase per week

    Unlike most of the podcasts, Dr. Mark Hyman records 10-minutes podcasts and videos with bite-sized content on health. In this episode, 3 doctors discuss how stress influences our behaviour and decision making. We all know that. But here’s another reminder. They discuss that being deprived from sleep will cause impulsive decision making, which in its turn will make you crave carbs and…

  • robert waldinger quality of life relationships jay shetty

    A path to optimal quality of life: meaningful relationships

    I’ve been unknowingly advocating this already. But after listening to Jay Shetty’s latest podcast with Robert Waldinger, I was relieved to objectively confirm that time with friends is definitely time well invested.  Waldinger, a Harvard professor, studied 724 men for 75 years and concluded that of course smoking is bad for health and exercise is good but what matters and contribute most to the overall…

  • Procrastination is self sabotage in slow motion

    Procrastination is self-sabotage in slow motion

    To follow: this IG account with simple designs that illustrate everyday wisdom. I saw on Steven’s IG he replaced procrastination for overthinking. Hits home too.

  • beyoncé

    I boss, you boss, we boss

    I’ve been listening to “How I built this” that gives insights, anecdotes and founder stories. Everyone knows the Uber, Airbnb and Toms but although they’re definitely aspirational, it just hits closer to home when I hear a woman talk about building out her passion and grinding her way thru success. So this week I present to…

  • I love excel

    Lists: to follow/to healthy/to invest/to music

    I love lists. I love VLOOKUP. I love rating (I have a rating list of e-ve-ry-thing). I love stationery. I think it’s an Asian Girl thing. Or maybe it’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️. But here are some lists I think that might be useful/fun for you too: To IG follow For some genuine + positive+energy For female entrepreneurial inspo To…

  • slow progress is still progress

    3 Lessons Learnt in China

    I’m trying to up my video editing skills a bit. And improving some presentation skills here and there. Then, also thought it’d be nice to talk about our experiences in China and that resulted in Edgar sharing his 3 lessons learnt from living in China, me nodding along the way and us just hiding for…

  • Kicki Yang Zhang little german dumpling inspiring girls creative illustration NANA

    #Girlcrush Monday

    Last week we wrote a little piece on Kicki Yang and how she inspires to not just talk, but definitely do and put yourself out there to chase ones dreams. Read more on NANA

  • spinach illustration alkaline foods

    Alkaline to combat cancerous environments

    I’ve been listening to some Tony Robbins lately. The first time I learnt about “alkaline foods” was when it was coined by the “I’m-not-your-guru” guru – he was eating salmon salads for lunch every day that gave him mercury poisoning. He had to rebalance his diet afterwards and now swears by alkaline foods. The opposite of alkaline are acidic food groups. These are foods that harbour pathogens, unhealthy bacteria,…